Why should I change my website design?

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  • 29 September 2022

Once you’ve found the perfect website design, you can be reluctant to change it. However, it’s important not to go too long without a refresh. If you’re wondering “Why should I change my website design?”, read on. In this article, we’ve outlined exactly why regular redesigns are vital.

Why should i change my website

Why do I need to redesign my website?

Many people wonder why they need to redesign their website regularly, especially if they like the look of it already. However, changing your web design is essential for keeping it up to date. Whether you have a big corporate website or it’s a blog for your personal brand, your site needs to keep up with the times to stay competitive, both in terms of both looks and functionality. Keep reading to find out why changing your web design every so often is a good idea. 

Upgrade technology 

Important questions to ask your website design company

Since technology is constantly advancing in the digital marketing field, it makes sense that you need to update your website regularly in order to take advantage of these changes. Technology is designed to make websites faster, simpler and more secure, providing a better user experience and helping you earn a great reputation for delivering the best possible service.  


If you plan on rebranding your business in any way, you’ll need to alter your web design. Even if you only make very small changes to your brand, your website needs to reflect them. This helps to make these changes known to your customers. If you’re making changes to your business strategy, this is even more important. Since your website is the face of your brand, it’s vital that it’s always in sync with your business. Don’t make the mistake of embarking on a rebrand without changing your web design. 

Keep your design on trend 

Whilst appearing old-school works in some niches, you don’t want your site to appear too old-fashioned. Keeping your design on trend can help your business to appear relevant, helping to retain and attract customers. Design trends are about far more than colour themes and shapes. Cleaner, more straightforward websites are fashionable, as are those that make use of motional UI. A modern, up-to-date web design can help you expand your customer base, driving your business forward and helping it to succeed online. 

Improve website loading speed

Since no one will hang about very long on a webpage that takes too long to load, it’s important to address a slow loading speed as soon as possible. One of the biggest reasons for slow loading pages is that it’s coded incorrectly. However, old themes can also be to blame for slow websites, as can too many unnecessary or unoptimized links and too many images or videos. If your website is loading slowly, it’s time to consider your web design and if any changes can be made to speed it up. 

Improve your search engine rankingsWebsite development in Doncaster

If your website has started to slump in search results recently, it may be time to assess your web design. Whilst big changes to Google’s algorithms occur every six months or so, smaller changes are happening all the time. Since these changes can affect your search ranking dramatically, it’s important to update your website regularly if you want to outrank your competitors. 

Updating your web design so that it’s using the latest technologies can help. Uploading new content regularly can also encourage Google to look upon your site more favourably. Make sure the content on your site is of high quality. Google’s Panda update lowers the ranking of websites that use keyword stuffing and too much repetition in their content. 

How often should I change my web design?

Now you know the answer to “Why should I change my website design?”, you might be wondering how often you need to do it. Whilst there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, in general, you should plan to redesign your site every three or four years. Your website can become very outdated in this time, which means that features that were once bang on trend are now redundant and unappealing. 

After a few years with no changes, you can expect your website to be severely lacking in terms of both appearance and functionality. If you’re not sure if your website needs a redesign, talk to an experienced web designer. At jask Media, we’re more than happy to take a look at your site and let you know if it could benefit from some changes. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your website, offering the expert advice that you need. 

Web design in Doncaster

Changing your website design is essential for keeping your site up to date, functional, and appealing to your visitors. If you’re looking for web design in Doncaster, look no further than jask Media. We’re highly experienced, having worked on hundreds of websites for local and national businesses over the years. Whether you’re looking for a full website redesign or you’re only seeking small changes to your site, we can assist. We can carry out a full appraisal of your web design, recommending changes that could improve your site and increase traffic and sales. 

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