Why Is Web Design Important?

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  • 12 February 2021

Website design. It can feel tedious, and sometimes pointless, but it’s also one of the most important aspects of your business. The good news is that you don’t have to do this yourself, you can find some fantastic freelance website designers in Doncaster that will be happy to carry out the work for you. But why is web design so important? Well, each of the points below should help you to understand why. 

Web Design It’s Your First Impression

Your website is the first thing that customers will see, and therefore it gives them a strong impression of what your business is like. Outdated or unappealing designs will provide a negative first impression that will likely lead to them leaving and finding a new website. Similarly, if you already have a very strong following, first impressions are still important because while your current ones might not mind, you can’t expect to find new ones.

It Shows Customers How You See Them

You might not see it this way, but your website design shows a customer how you feel about them and how much you value their business. Similarly, many customers feel as though it gives them insight into your customer service levels for this very reason. When you go through the process for website design, your designer will be able to help you see things from the perspective of your customers.

It Boosts Your SEO

Search engines have spiders, and these digital arachnids crawl through web pages in order to give them rankings. They go through all of your on-page SEO to check for relevance and quality so that they can give you a position in the results. Your SEO needs to be good if you want people to find you, and there are loads of aspects that can affect it. In terms of web design, it’s as simple as the code needing to be SEO friendly.

It Creates Trust and Loyalty

It’s a common fact that customers are more likely to trust and remain loyal to a company that has a clean and updated website. If it looks a little fishy, unorganised, and outdated, visitors are far less likely to spend any time on it. You want people to spend as much time as possible on your website. The longer they are there, the more likely you are to capture leads and make sales.

It Gives You an Edge Against Competitors

Here’s the thing you need to remember – your competition is already keeping on top of their website design. It gives them an advantage, but also presents you with an opportunity to put yourself ahead of the curve. Use this to learn from them, retake customers you may have lost to them, and create something that is more appealing to your target market. This is your chance to stand apart and create something completely new.

It Builds Familiarity and Consistency

Your website helps build your brand and gives it a voice. Your company has a message behind it, and the design of your website can help you shout this out to the world. It creates a sense of familiarity for your customers, but also presents consistent content and messages throughout each of the pages. A key example of consistency is to use the same fonts and styles on each page, as well as keep the tone the same throughout. Even the finer details help to build that sense of familiarity.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Website

Before you embark on your Web Design journey, there is another aspect that you have to think carefully about. This is the appearance of your website, the quality of the content within it, and whether or not it creates a good UX (user experience).

Good Navigation. Customers want to reach pages and content quickly and easily with as little hassle as possible. Avoid too many inbound links and make sure that your website is easy to navigate. If it gets too complex, people will just give up.

Responsive Design. What this means is that your website will work in the same way on a variety of devices. With well over half of traffic now coming from mobile devices, it is more important than ever to make sure that it is accessible from these platforms.

Strong Style Guide. This is part of creating consistency across your website. You have to decide on a set colour scheme, font, and format so that the designer can create something strong, stylish, and consistent for your customers to explore.

Visuals with Purpose. 

Images and videos are incredible for customer engagement, but they have to have a purpose and relate to your brand and website. If the images don’t make sense, you will lose a lot of customer engagement, which then leads to failed leads and less traffic.

Quality Copy. The written content on your website needs to be excellent quality so that your customers actually get good information from you. Keep it short and sweet with no waffle so that they remain engaged while also have all their key questions answered.

Calls to Action. These buttons get your visitors to act. Things like “call us now” or “message us” as well as “see offers” are all examples of these little CTAs (as they are otherwise known). They create leads and sales, while also providing your customers with a quick and easy way to contact you.

Loading Speed. The vast majority of customers will close a website if it takes more than two seconds to load. Your speed is essential to your success. Make sure it is quick on all platforms and across your website. Run regular speed checks and keep your website updated to ensure this.

To Conclude

If you are searching for quality website design in Doncaster, we are the people for you. We’ll ensure that every key point here is met, as well as all the extras that make your website sparkle. Doing it yourself is frustrating, tiresome, and takes absolutely ages. Let us take the reins and create something that brings your brand to life and shows your customers what you’re all about.

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