What should I look for in a good web designer?

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  • 1 February 2022

In this increasingly digital age, an attractive and functional website is essential for any business. As well as helping you to build your brand and increasing trust amongst your customers, it can also boost leads and sales, helping your company to achieve significant success online. However, if you’re wondering “What should I look for in a good web designer?”, you’re not alone. With so many web designers out there, many people struggle to know who to hire to create their business’s website. Read on to find out more.

What to look for when choosing a web designer 

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Designing or redesigning your business’s website is an exciting time. You have the chance to showcase your company online in the best possible light, potentially increasing your sales and revenue considerably. It’s the perfect time to drive your business forward. Therefore, with so much riding on the quality of your web design, it’s important to choose a web designer carefully. You need to be sure that they can achieve the exceptional results you’re seeking. Keep reading to find out what to look for when choosing a web designer. 

Experience in your industry

To start with, we recommend searching for those web designers who have experience in your industry. When a designer has created websites for clients in your sector, it means they know what is important in regards to your business. They can use what they’ve learned on similar projects to benefit your web design project, achieving fantastic results more quickly. At jask Media, we’re fortunate to have worked on websites for business in many different industries, ranging from bathroom companies and cleaning firms to skip hire providers. Chances are that we have worked with a business similar to yours. 

They offer a broad range of services

When choosing a company for website design in Doncaster, consider what services they offer. Whilst you might need a great website building initially, you’ll almost certainly need other digital marketing services once it’s complete. This might include branding, SEO, content writing or social media management. These services can help to promote your business, helping to build a strong online presence. Hiring the same professional to provide all these services can ensure that your marketing campaign is much more streamlined. You’re also likely to save money too since most web designers will create a bespoke package for you. Why not talk to our team to discuss your marketing goals going forward?

An expansive portfolio

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Don’t forget to look at a web designer’s portfolio before hiring them. Ideally, their portfolio should be expansive, with examples of the website’s they’ve created for past clients. Don’t be afraid to ask a designer questions about the projects in their portfolio, for example why they decided to lay out a site as they did or what they hoped to achieve by using a certain colour or font. A portfolio can tell you a great deal about a designer and their level of expertise. Most importantly, it can help you to decide if you’re happy with the quality of their work. If a web designer doesn’t have a portfolio, this is usually a sign that they are inexperienced or not confident in their past work. Whilst it’s not necessarily a red flag, it makes more sense to choose a designer who can showcase their experience via a portfolio. 

Good online reviews

Online reviews are worth their weight in gold when looking for a web designer. That’s because they allow you to learn from real clients what they liked or didn’t like about a company’s services. Perhaps a client wasn’t happy with the lack of communication they received from a web designer or maybe the finished website didn’t live up to their expectations. If a designer’s reviews are generally positive, there’s a good chance that you too will be happy with the quality of the work you receive. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is easy when you read online reviews. 

Value for money 

When considering what should I look for in a good website designer, don’t forget value for money. Whether you have a tight budget for website design Doncaster or you can afford to spend more, you should try to avoid paying over the odds. Many big marketing agencies are likely to charge significantly more than freelance web designers. This is largely because they have considerably more overheads to account for. Therefore, if you don’t have a small fortune to spend, it’s often best to opt for a freelancer who can still deliver quality work but at a fraction of the price. Freelance web designers tend to offer a real value for money service when compared to large agencies. 

No contracts 

Don’t assume that contract is part and parcel of hiring a web design company. Whilst many larger marketing companies will require one, a lot of smaller firms or freelancers won’t. Usually, if a company is confident in the quality of their services, they won’t demand you sign a contract. If you do sign one, make sure you read it properly, ideally getting your lawyer to go over it to check you’re protected. Don’t rush into signing a contract with a web designer. 

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