What is a freelance web designer?

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  • 31 August 2021

Do you need a brand new website for your business? If so, you’re probably feeling more than a little daunted right now. Creating a website can be difficult, especially if you’re not very tech-savvy. Outsourcing the task to a web design expert is usually the best option. However, before you rush in and hire a big web design agency, you should strongly consider hiring a freelancer instead. Read on to find out what is a freelance web designer.

Using a freelance web designer

Important questions to ask your website design company

Put simply, a freelance web designer creates websites for clients according to their needs and specifications. They tend to work with businesses in a wide range of industries, ranging from hotels and restaurants to estate agents and makeup artists. Freelance web designers in 2021 tend to have a broad skill set to meet the various demands of their clients. 

As well as knowing about the basic principles of design, they should have expertise in  UI and visual design, responsive design, UX, content management systems, design software, and possess basic HTML and CSS skills. Since web design is a field that’s constantly changing and advancing, it’s vital that freelancers stay up to speed.

Freelance web designers aren’t usually bound by standard working hours or office environments, possessing greater flexibility on when and how they work. Rather than reporting to a manager, they report directly to their clients. Although your first thought might be to head directly to a big web design agency, there are big advantages to hiring a freelance web designer. Keep reading to learn more about what is a freelance web designer. 

The benefits of hiring a freelance web designer

There are several benefits to choosing freelance website design in Doncaster. Here are a few reasons why it might be the best option for you. 

Cheaper than using an agency 

RTC Fencing Contractors in LeicesterHiring a freelance web designer tends to be cheaper than working with an agency. The main reason for this is that you’re hiring the services of a single professional rather than a whole team of experts. Plus, since they usually work from home or a small rented office, they have lower overheads. This translates into lower prices for clients. Web design agencies have all sorts of costs to cover, from employees’ salaries and their office rent to insurance and office supplies. This leads to prices far higher than those charged by freelancers. 

Better communication 

One of the reasons why going bigger isn’t always better when it comes to web design is communication. Freelance web designers tend to always be available at the end of the phone or via email to answer your questions and queries, allowing you to find out what you need to know right away. This ensures that any decisions can be reached quickly and executively. 

In contrast, web design agencies can be less forthcoming with information, particularly if you can only talk to your account manager who may have little technical knowledge. You can expect to spend plenty of time on hold whilst they find the person actually responsible for designing your website.

More accountable 

You should consider how easy it is to hold your web designer to account. Since freelance web designers usually work alone, they have no choice but to take direct responsibility for their work. They must deal with any issues head-on rather than passing them on to another person on the team. With a web design agency, it’s less easy to hold your designer to account since there are likely to be several people working on your website.

Highly experienced 

Many successful freelance web designers are highly experienced. They have showcased their skills over several years, building an excellent reputation for designing beautiful and functional websites. A freelance web designer understands the many factors that go into building a good site. 

Not only this but they know how to build your website to your exact specifications. This is certainly the case here at jask Media. We’ve been designing stunning websites for our clients for over two decades, working with businesses in a vast range of industry sectors. 

A wide range of services 

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When choosing freelance website design in Doncaster, you won’t be making any compromises on the range of services you’ll receive. Whilst you might assume that a web design agency would be likely to offer more services due to having many creatives from multiple fields, freelance web designers are usually just as multitalented. 

Since good web design in 2021 incorporates everything from design and developing a website to branding, SEO, and social media, most have honed their skills to ensure they can deliver these services to the highest possible standard. What’s more, if there’s a service they don’t specialise in, you can be sure that they have a robust network of talented contacts to call upon to assist them. 

Choose jask Media for freelance website design in Doncaster 

Jask Media is a leading freelance web designer in Doncaster. We serve businesses in and around the town, building beautiful websites that give them a fantastic presence online. We also work with companies nationwide too, providing a personal service wherever clients are based in the UK. 

Whatever sector or industry you’re in, you can rest assured that we can deliver an incredible website that’s built to your exact needs and specifications. We’d love to show you our recent projects and demonstrate our first-class web design skills. 

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