What are the benefits of using a freelance website designer?

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  • 26 July 2022

If you’re looking for a website for your business that not only looks great but that’s easy to use and converts clicks into sales, it’s time to hire a talented web designer. Whilst you may be tempted to use a big web design company to get results, this isn’t always advisable. You may find that you receive an impersonal service or that your web designer doesn’t keep in touch regularly or stick to deadlines. Read on to find out what are the benefits of using a freelance website designer.

Large web design firm or a freelance web designer?How many pages should a website have?

Web design is the fastest growing industry in the UK, with the sector constantly evolving year on year. Indeed, there are currently over 2000 web design companies operating across the country, giving businesses a huge amount of choice. However, it doesn’t always make sense to go with the biggest web design firm out there when you want to achieve lasting results for your business online. 

Often, freelance website designers in Doncaster can outdo the largest companies, creating beautiful, functional websites that generate leads and make money. If you’re wondering “What are the benefits of using a freelance website designer?”, keep reading. 

Providing a personal touch 

Freelance website designers tend to offer a much more personal service than a big company. They pride themselves on providing a personal touch and making sure clients feel valued at each stage of the project. Whilst you might feel like you’re ‘just a number’ when working with a large firm, a freelancer will take the time to get to know your business and find out all about your goals.

Bespoke web design

Whilst some larger companies may suggest off-the-shelf web design to make life easier for themselves, freelancers tend to pride themselves on offering a bespoke product. A bespoke website is tailor-made for you, completely unique in every way. This will ensure that it’s different to your competitors’ websites, helping to set your business apart online. An off-the-shelf website is a great way of getting your business online, particularly if you’re on a budget. However, it’s unlikely to get you the same results as a bespoke website that’s built with your brand in mind. 

No long contracts

The idea of tying themselves into a lengthy contract can be daunting for many business owners. Fortunately, freelancers won’t normally ask you to sign a contract, which means you can stop using their services at any point. Many larger companies will require you to use their services for a minimum of 12 months, which means you’ll have to continue working with them even if you’re not getting the results you’d hoped. The truth is that many freelance web designers are so confident in the quality of their services that they don’t need to tie you into a contract.

Developing a deep understanding of your business

Freelance web designers make it their goal to find out all they can about your business. They aim to develop a deep understanding of your company, brand, and objectives before they begin working on your website. This allows them to create a website that truly meets the needs of your business and can help take it to where you want it to go. Knowing that your website designer understands your business just as well as you can put your mind at rest.

Things to consider when designing a websiteMore highly motivated 

Motivation is a quality that freelance web designers aren’t usually short of. They tend to be more driven than those working at big companies because they depend on their clients to give them an income. Since they rely on them to pay their salaries, making sure they’re satisfied with the service they receive is essential. Freelancers are highly motivated to achieve client satisfaction. 

Delivering excellent value for money

As a business owner, the cost will be a key factor to think about when hiring web design services. You don’t want to risk spending thousands of pounds on substandard work. Fortunately, freelance web designers not only provide better quality work but it’s usually more affordable too. This is because they have lower overheads than large companies, allowing them to pass big savings onto their clients. You can look forward to receiving a value for money service when you do business with a freelance website designer. 

Keeping in touch regularly

There are few things worse than struggling to speak to your web designer when you want to know the progress of your new website. Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence with big companies due to the sheer number of clients they’re working with. Even just getting an email update can sometimes prove challenging. However, this rarely happens with freelance web designers since they don’t tend to work on several projects at once. They are at the other end of the phone when you want to know what’s happening with your web design.

Meeting deadlines 

If you want to know that your website will be finished on an agreed date, it makes sense to work with a freelance web designer. Whilst large companies with lots of clients can easily fall behind on a project, missing the deadline, freelancers are much more likely to complete it on time. Freelancers will usually set sensible timeframes and ensure they stick to them, ensuring you’re not left disappointed. 

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