Reasons to Hire a Website Designer Instead of Doing it Yourself

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  • 12 February 2021

If you need a new website or are looking for your first one, you may think of Reasons to Hire a Website Designer Instead of Doing it Yourself. Designing your website and doing all the marketing takes a lot of time. It’s time that could be better spent on other aspects of your business that need attention, and this is part of the reason many business owners opt to hire a web designer. Here, you will find everything you need to know about web designers, how much they cost, and the reasons why you should be hiring one instead of doing all the work yourself.

What is a Web Designer?

A website designer is trained and experienced in their profession. They understand the programming languages behind a website and can work with them beautifully to create something incredible. Many are trained in SEO and content writing so that they can offer dual services when you need them. Essentially, their job is all about creating top-quality websites.


How Much Do Web Designers Cost?

Many web designers work on a freelance basis, although there are also many who are part of agencies or official design companies. The price can vary quite widely depending on who you go with, as well as whether they work freelance or part of an agency.

You may find designers offering prices as low as £800, but this may not guarantee you the kind of quality that you are expecting. The cost can soar into the thousands, but it is easy to find a middle-ground that provides quality and affordability.

It’s nice to try and stay local as well, so if you are searching for a freelance web designer in Doncaster you may get a better price, and you also have the benefit of being able to reach them easily if you want to discuss things further or meet in person.

Why Should You Hire A Web Designer?

So, what are the reasons you should be hiring a web designer? The thing is, not everything is a DIY job, and a web designer is there to make life easier for you. Here’s a more detailed look at the various web design benefits.

You get the quality. If you do it yourself, you have to remember that you are an untrained individual. Therefore, the results might not be as good as they would have been with a web designer. These professionals use more than just templates to create the perfect website, many of them will use code to create it from scratch so that you have something unique and that looks absolutely incredible.

If you hire a web designer, many of them are able to provide you with a strategic plan for your website. What this means is that they will keep both your business model and your future plans for the company in mind when they are going through the creation process. The main goal for a designer is to create a solid foundation that can be built on and evolved over the years.

Some of the main requirements.

Mobile compatibility is pretty essential in today’s marketplace, and having a web designer means that they will be able to optimise the site they are creating so that it can be viewed easily on all platforms. The majority of people are viewing websites on their phones as opposed to computers, and this is why optimisation is such an essential part of the design process.

Speed is key, and a web designer will ensure that your site loads quickly so that visitors don’t get bored and switch to a competitor’s site. Two seconds is the longest it should take your website to load, and it might sound a little mad but if it’s any longer you risk losing traffic.

SEO is not dead, and you can ignore the so-called professionals who claim that it is. A good web designer will be trained and experienced in SEO, implementing it into your website to help boost the search engine rankings in order to make it more visible to potential and existing customers. The closer you are to the top result, the better.

Using a professional gives you a competitive edge. The truth is that a lot of small businesses try to save money by putting their own website together, and this takes away from the uniqueness of their site, and also means they are less likely to have quality SEO. By using a designer, you stay ahead of the curve and keep your rankings on top.


Web designers are reliable and save you a lot of time. If you go with someone who has a good reputation and gets feedback, you know you are getting a reliable and quality service and you won’t need to worry about things going wrong. It gives you peace of mind and also saves you loads of time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Finally, that professional website is going to give you a trustworthy look. The use of images, text, placement, and ease of navigation all play a part in making a website look trustworthy. Visitors will feel more comfortable staying on your website and spending money if they feel as though they can trust your company. It’s important to keep the content clean, fresh, and informative so that people feel at ease when they are browsing.

To Conclude

As you can see the reasons to Hire a Website Designer Instead of Doing it Yourself are quite obvious. It can be more cost-effective to design a website yourself, but saving money isn’t always a good thing. By cutting costs, you might end up with a website that is poorly designed and doesn’t quite carry the imagery or message that you want to convey to your audience. Hiring a professional means that you are getting quality and experience, as well as someone who will be able to capture the essence of your company and show the world what you have to offer. So if you are looking for a web design company or freelance website designer in Doncaster, Bawtry and Rossington contact us for a FREE consultation.